Members of Nonviolent Peaceforce's Peace Society make a three year pledge of $1000/per year or more. Members of our Peace Society are deeply commited to creating peace and security for civilians living in areas prone to violent conflict. They do this by supporting unarmed civilian peacekeeping, which is a tested and proven method reducing, preventing and stopping violence.

With your increased support today, in the coming year Nonviolent Peaceforce will continue to expand our programs in South Sudan. Myanmar, the Philippines and beyond. Your pledge of $1000 or more will help to: 

    • Start new projects in Syria and Ukraine.
    • Explore future projects in the Central African Republic.
    • Capture good practices in the field that can be replicated.
    • Advocate for policy and funding support for unarmed civilian peacekeeping at the United Nations and European Union.
    • Spark people's moral imagination that there are alternatives to either bombing or doing nothing.

As a member of the peace society, you will provide the crucial, reliable support we need to develop new projects, expand our field operations, and advocate for alternatives to violence. Can we count on you to take our peacekeeping work to the next level?

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